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Murder Suspect and Police Officer Open fire

The Las Vegas Metropolitan police recently published dash cam footage from an indecent earlier this month. A murder suspect opened…

Smart Police Dog Gets Into Police Car And Closes Door By Himself

This video by Onetencrew Films was published in 2009, but has only gone viral now with over 750,000 new hits! Police train German…

Dover Police Officer Dances To ‘Shake It Off’ While Driving Squad Car

Taylor Swift is a very popular artist for teenage girls to dance and lip sync to while driving in the…

NYPD Chase Run Away Horse Through Manhattan

New York City is well known for their horse drawn carriages. The carriages have been around long before the automobile,…

Extremely Narrow Russian Police Car

If something is strange online, odds are, it comes from Russia. As is the case here with this comically thin…



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