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Woman Ejected From Her Car During High Speed Pursuit

A well executed PIT Maneuver brings a high speed chase to an end and the driver gets ejected from her…

Batman Gets Pulled Over by The Cops

So maybe the caped crusader had some lives to save or maybe his foot got a little too heavy on…

Murder Suspect and Police Officer Open fire

The Las Vegas Metropolitan police recently published dash cam footage from an indecent earlier this month. A murder suspect opened…

Smartest Police Dog Ever

It takes some skills and some brains to join the police (although that depends on who you ask), but this…

Play The Police

They won't know what hit 'em.

Trolling The Police

When you wanna make sure your car chase is going to be on television.

The Funniest Arrest

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

If This Doesn’t Have You Smiling Nothing Ever Will

An old lady has the morning of her life, because a police officer is being very friendly. But there's more!…

The Best Way To Dodge A Fine

If you have a cool hobby, it's easy to play the police.

How To Escape The Cops

Sure, you'll have to be fast and be in decent shape to outrun the police, but a good camouflage will…

Aggressive Goose Shows Police Detective Who’s Boss

Geese can be nasty animals, everybody knows that. This police detective missed the memo evidently.

Dashcam Shows Student Juggles To Prove Sobriety To Police

Such a cool way to prove it, such a cool guy and such cool police men - no wonder this…


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