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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



British Police Freestyle Raps At Rap Battle

A group of party people are having a rap battle in the streets. The police come to check things out.…

Chimp Monkey Loose In Kansas City Breaks Police Car Window

A loose chimpanzee in Kansas City, Missouri, ran around the street and dragged some trash cans. He ran up to…

Wolves Attack Russian Police On Highway

Wait for it. At about minute in a huge pack of wolves charge the road. The police man hides in…

Filming Transformers 3 – Bumble Bee Hits Washington DC Police Car Crash Accident

When shooting for Transformers 3, a real action scene  develops. On DC streets, the yellow Camaro, Bumble Bee, t-bones a Washington DC cop…

Police Taser Man – Direct TV Fantasy Football Commercial

Direct TV thinks police brutality is funny. Apparently so do most people as this commercial is going viral. The police…

Jack Knife 18 Wheeler Hits Police Car

A police car responding to an accident is hit by a jackknife 18 wheel semi truck. The action happens at…

Red Neck Woman Excited To Be On TV When Police Record Arresting Her Sister, Screams County Law

The police arrest a woman at her house, probably on a warrant. Once her sister realizes that the scene is…

Dancing Swedish Police Man

This police is nice enough to put on a little dance show for the tourist.


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