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Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice

Winters can get excruciatingly cold especially living up north. The winters are merciless when the temperatures drop way below the


Peeing In The Pool Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Peeing in the pool is only annoying to other people, right? Turns out it can be pretty damn harmful for


Combine Juggling And Pool Trick Shots And You Get One Sick Video

We're always interested in trick shot videos, so this naturally came to our attention. A master juggler combined with a great


Cyanide & Happiness Shorts: Pool Party

Just an ordinary Cyanide & Happiness party. With already over 1.4 million guests. Sweet! "Hey man, cool party!"


Pool Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

After their first round of pool trick shots in 2014 the guys from Dude Perfect deliver some more of them


Japanese Pool Player Gives Best Interview Ever

If you ever happen to be in the position to interview someone and quite feel that your questions don't really


This Epic Chain Reaction Trick Shot Runs Through A Whole Bar

Why just make a trick shot on ONE pool table? How boring... Try a dozen! Like in this epic trick


Crazy dude jumps from hotel roof into pool

With this ass-crazy stunt YouTuber "ig: 8Booth" got over 600.000 views. His "Laguna Pool Drop 2" looks cool, but you


‘Swimming’ In A Pool Of Tiny Orbeez Water Balls

Orbeez are fun little water balls, basically mini waterballoons with a stronger shell. Mark Rober had The Backyard Scientist had the ingenious


What Happens When You Drop Dry Ice Into A Swimming Pool

Dry ice, which is carbon dioxide in a solid state, is always good for a fun viral video. Now that


You Can’t Not Laugh At This Floating Chicken

Everyone knows that ducks loves swimming and frolicking in water. But what about chickens? Nothd70 and his daughter wanted to find out,


Raccoon Goes Swimming, The Other Tries To Pull Him Out

So apparently, raccoon paws are pretty close to hands. In this precious viral video captured by Vicki Coppen, two raccoons go for