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Popping A Single Popcorn Kernel Using A Hair Straightener

A hair straightening tool is nothing to mess around with. Hold your hair in between the hot plates too long…

The Science Of Pop Corn

A movie isn't complete without a hot, buttery bowl of popcorn. NPR¬†reviews the popular, salty snack in this interesting video.…

Car Runs On Corn, Shooting Popcorn From Exhaust Prank

Most people have heard of cars running on ethanol, but not on a whole ear of corn. But some people…

Choking On Popcorn Serious Theatre Commercial

This preview commercial for popcorn in an English cinema seems like any other, until the little girl starts choking. The…

Pop Corn Popping Ultra Slow Motion

This short video was taken at 6,200 frames per second. The little kernel jumps, and opens up. Sweet.


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