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Popping Popcorn At 30,000 Frames Per Second

A beautiful piece of ultra slow motion by Warped Perception showing us the mini-moment of a popping popcorn in fantastic


Homemade Microwave Popcorn Is Better Than Store Bought

Who doesn't love popcorn? Microwave popcorn is easy, convenient, and delicious, but it can be pricey and who knows what


Popcorn Guy At Washington State Game Goes Viral

This short clip from the Washington State game has gone viral! Washington may have lost to Stanford, but this guy


The Popinator – Fully Automated Single Popcorn Kernel Shooter

Popcorn Indiana is famous for their delicious, lip smacking popcorn. But after creating delicious popcorn and different flavors, there's not


Popping Popcorn In Super Slow Motion

As usual, The SlowMo Guys have awed and mesmerized viewers with their latest super slow motion video, already garnering over 100,000 hits


Huge Popcorn Explosion Prank

The prank professionals at JustForLaughsTV have returned to the inter-webs with their latest, hilarious prank video. After setting up a popcorn cooking stand at


Car Runs On Corn, Shooting Popcorn From Exhaust Prank

Most people have heard of cars running on ethanol, but not on a whole ear of corn. But some people


Chinese Popcorn

I guess in China they make popcorn the old fashion way. With explosives and gun powder. I bet it has


The Apprentice Men’s Team Pop Corn Fight

The mens team made a huge scene on 5th Avenue in the rain, having an epic AstroTurf popcorn fight.