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Playing Portal In Augmented Reality With HoloLens

Cool adaptation by KennyWdev who got over 400,000 views - and probably people who wish for a version like this…

Portal Trick Shots Are Awesome

The initial excitement of the popular puzzle game Portal has wore off, but that doesn't make the premise any less cool.…

Honest Trailer For Portal Video Game

Portal is one of the most popular puzzle video games in recent years. The portal gun is just so cool!…

Toddler With Real Portal Gun

All gamers will recognize the portal gun from the popular 2007 puzzle game Portal. As his dad is an awesome computer…

POrtal In Real Life: Terminal Velocity

POrtal 2, the popular first person shooter teleporting puzzle game, was released a year ago, so the hype has really calmed…

Mario Bros. With Portal Gun

Portal is a puzzle platformer game where you use a gun that can create portals to solve puzzles. Many people…

Portal In Real Life Performance

Portal is a hugely popular game that involves using portals to transport you and objects around a map to solve…



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