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Scaffolding Falls Off Building In Downtown Portland

Blue Moon Bright Star's son was in Portland, Oregon celebrating his bachelor party when the wind really started to pick


Worst Parallel Parker Will Drive You Insane

Parallel parking is no doubt one of the most difficult techniques a driver can attempt. Most student drivers dread the


Winter Runner Slips After News Interview About Snow Jog

This news reports by Portland, Oregon news station KOIN News has gone viral over the weekend with over 200,000 hits.  While reporting on the


Street Musician Performs Apologize By One Republic On Electric Violin

This video of a one man band street performance on the streets of Portland, Oregon was published last November, but is


Lion Tries To Eat Baby Through Glass Wall At Zoo

Jpbsmama and the family were visiting the Portland, Oregon zoo when they went to see the lion exhibit. Baby Jack was just coincidentally wearing


Man Wears Kilt While Riding Unicycle, Playing Bag Pipes

Portland, Oregon is a pretty eccentric place. You never know what you're going to bump into. You may just see