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The Upcoming Power Rangers Movie Is Definitely A Bad Idea And This Trailer Shows Us Why

The reboot of the once so powerful Power Rangers are made possible by some people lusting for extra cash, so


Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers

This furry parody of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" went viral instantly with over 1.3 million views already. And the


Power/Rangers Short Film Is Dark And Epic

Even though the show had terrible acting and special effects, countless 90's kids still hold The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers close to


Kids React To Power Rangers

Back in the 90's, there was nothing cooler than the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Sure, the special effects, fighting, and


Star Trek Power Rangers Mash Up

The Unusual Suspect couldn't help but notice the similarities between the rebooted Star Trek and Power Rangers: In Space.  The movie review


Power Rangers Morph Over 20 Years

As the web is heavily populated by Generation X and Y-ers, Power Rangers is naturally looked upon with fond, nostalgic memories.


Guy Freaks Out Over Power Rangers Toys

Getting a huge crate full of Power Rangers toys is a dream come true for any kid in the 90's.


Girl Plays Power Ranger Theme On Violon

If you grew up in the mid 90's, you lived Power Rangers. Even if you didn't like the show, it


Metal Power Rangers Theme

The original already had a classic 90's rock feel to it. This is just the theme on steroids. It works