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Super Fan Drives Mini-Jurassic Park Jeep Power Wheels To Jurassic World Premiere

After months of intense hype, Jurassic World has finally premiered and is already set to be the summer's hottest film.…

Extreme Power Wheels Racing Through The Woods

Busted Knuckle Video¬†published this video at the end of 2012, but it has just experienced a second viral surge of…

Little Boy Falls Asleep While Riding Powerwheels

Ousa's nephew is one of the few lucky kids to have their own PowerWheels battery powered toy car. But little…

Dog Drives Power Wheels Go-Kart In The Park

All kids love Power Wheels go-karts, and apparently, dogs do too. After the first driving dog went viralviral last December,…

Dad Upgrades Five Year Old Son’s Lightning McQueen Power Wheel

There's no doubt that Power Wheels was and still is one of the coolest toys a kid can get. But…



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