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Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice

Winters can get excruciatingly cold especially living up north. The winters are merciless when the temperatures drop way below the


Be The First To Buy The iPhone X

A fake one though, but that's just a minor detail. [embed][/embed]


Send *Something Something* Please?

As a serious news reporter you probably don't enjoy this prank. [embed][/embed]


She Is Screaming Too Hard For This To Be Just A Prank

To be honest, I didn't know what was happening here at first either. But as soon as I connected the


When You’re Jogging And Run Into A Dinosaur

Remi Gaillard is lucky a lot of people don't recognize him yet. This makes room for him to keep pulling


This Elderly Couple Still Has The Greatest Time Together

Grandma has seen a little trick on the internet, and grandpa is the victim here. We couldn't contain our laugh


Will Gordon Ramsey Ever Be Able To Cook Again?

Gordon Ramsey is a bit reckless in this one, and it looks like it's going to cost him... His hand.


This Is One Very Elaborate April Fools Prank

Don't be fooled, watch this vlog all the way until the end to see what kind of April Fools prank


We’re Still Cooling Down From April Fools Day, This Does Not Help

Even the most famous actors and actresses feel the need to prank each other sometimes. Watch some of your favorite


Which Father Would Look Inside His Son Just For Views?!

This dad doesn't care, he is just happy to oblige his viewers. If you want to see what's inside his


Finally, Clear Skies For Everyone! Too Good To Be True?!

Google Netherlands has been using their intelligent minds to come up with a very elegant solution to the weather problems


The Toothpaste You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Burger King has a funny little prank prepared for us on April Fools Day. To keep the lovely Whopper taste