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Two Puppies Adorably ‘Pray’ For All Dogs Before Dinner

Puppies Jaisan and Jia are two very well behaved and religious dogs. Before dinner, the two stand in respect when their owner…

Valedictorian Includes Prayer During Graduation Speech

Liberty Speaks reports that the school district of Pickens County has ruled that "prayer was no longer going to be performed…

Nascar Prayer Auto Tuned

Pastor Joe Nelms went viral last week when his Nascar prayer was uploaded online. People just love to hear his stereotypically 'red…

Jamaican Lady Praying Devil Away At CVS

Ahh, there's nothing quite like a crazy person praying in public. Some Jamaican woman fell to the floor and went…

Pastor Gives Car Themed Prayer At Nascar

Nascar is often mocked as a 'redneck sport'. People say it's just cars driving around in a circle. Even South…

Texas Governor Rick Perry Calls For Day Of Prayer And Fasting

The country is definitely going through some very tough times. Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks the answer to America's problems…



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