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Years before Disney's Frozen, little kids had a much older song to be obsessed with. We're talking about Part Of Your


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Some children struggle in class when trying to understand the science behind precipitation, especially snow. But Mr Curmudgeon's toddler daughter simply


Precious Dog Cries Everytime Boy Is Dropped Off For School

No one can love you unconditionally like a dog. Gaby's son knows this more than anyone else. Every day when she


Ducklings Try Their Best To Ascend Stairs

There are countless adorable videos of ducklings struggling to descend stairs while faithfully following mom. But this precious video by


Parents Turn Disabled Son’s Wheelchair Into Awesome Ice Cream Truck Costume For Halloween

Carter has Spina Bifida which means he is stuck in a wheelchair if he wants to move by himself. Being in


Adorable Flower Girl Picks Up Flower Petals Instead Of Dropping Them During Wedding Reception

Being a flower girl is almost always given to the youngest girls in the family. But if they are too