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Be Prepared For The Apocalypse: Use Primitive Technology In Your Advantage

You never know when those handcrafting skills come in handy (no pun intended). Please pay great attention to this ingenious…

Primitive Technology: Making A Bed Shed

In the age of trendin paleo eating and stuff it doesn't really surprise that Primitive Technology has such a success…

Man Makes Traditional Bow And Arrow Using Only Natural Tools

The bow and arrow is arguably the first projectile weapon man ever invented. As he specializes in archaic technology, Primitive Technology has…

Survivalist Demonstrates How To Make Charcoal

Today, if you want to BBQ you go to the store and buy a bag of charcoal along with some…

Caveman Builds Drill To Make Fire Easier

As his channel name implies, Primitive Technology likes to go out to the bush and live like our ancestors. He often shows…

How To Make An Authentic Primitive Sling

As his channel name implies, Primitive Technology is focused on demonstrating how things were done back in the day in the bush. He's…



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