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Prince Poppycock And Donna Summer Sing Last Dance – America’s Got Talent

Prince Poppycock performs with his idol, Donna Summer and sing Last Dance together. CLICK HERE TO WATCH PRINCE POPPYCOCK'S FINAL…

Prince Poppycock Sings Opera Nessun Dorma – America’s Got Talent Final Four 2010 9/14/10

Prince Poppycock sings opera Nessun Dorma. Sharon liked his performance and the audience gives him a standing ovation. Piers isn't…

Prince Poppycock Sings American Patriotic Songs Montage – America’s Got Talent TOP 10 9/7/10

Prince Poppycock sings American classic songs to get the patriotic vote. The Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and more! If…


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