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Rings TV Store Pranks Lets Samara Climb Out Of Real Televisions

Paramount Pictures hit the jackpot with their new promo for the upcoming movie "Rings". Costumers in a tv store got…

Generic Brand Commercial Spoof

You can tell it's a promotional video the moment it begins. All the vague imagery and positive ideas about nothing…

Louis C.K. Oh My God Trailer

Louis C.K. may very well be the Internet's current most favorite stand up comic. He made headlines when he broke…

People Only Use iPhones To Takes Photos Of Their Food Commercial Spoofs Apple

Adam Sacks has again published another viral hit after his last Hunger Games Coca-Cola Commercial Parody. 'LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo…

Ryan Reynolds Jason Bateman The Change-Up Promo

The Change Up, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, is a movie about two friends with opposite lives who suddenly switch…

iPad 2 Promo Spoof

The new iPad 2 is revolutionary. It's like the iPad, but with cameras. Ye, I know everyone wanted cameras on…

LeBron James Cartoon – The LeBrons Promo Commercial

 LeBron James stars in his own Internet animated cartoon series called The LeBrons. Obviously LeBron James publicists thought this would…



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