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Hey, hey, hey… THIS IS LIBRARY!

Of course people have the right to protest - but you have to keep boundaries! DailyMunch got over 700,000 views


Vegan Protesters Disrupt Steak House

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can choose their own lifestyle. But it's not cool when you start attacking other


Time Lapse Of New York City Anti-Police Brutality March

The media may have moved on, but the masses are still very upset over the lack of an indictment of the


Siren Of The Lambs Meat Truck With Stuffed Animals Art Exhibit By Banksy

World famous artist Banksy challenged the meat packing industry in New York City with his latest outdoor art piece. To protest the


Firemen Spray Police With Foam At Brussels Protest

After announcements of national budget cuts for the fire department, Brussels firemen protested outside of the Prime Minister's office. RT reports that


Pennsylvania Man Pays $7,000+ Tax Bill In Singles

As a form of protest, one Easton, PA man decided to pay his property tax bill of over $7,000 in


Jimmy Fallon And Brad Paisley Perform “Balls In Your Mouth”

Jimmy Fallon so was outraged by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 that he was


Brazilian Journalist Takes Point-Of-View Video From Inside Protests In Rio De Janeiro

Though it may not seem so according to the world media, but Brazil is on fire. For over a week


Anti-Gay Protest Burning Cheerios Stunt Goes Wrong

Like so many companies these days, General Mills has stuck its nose into the gay-marriage debate, supporting equal marriage rights


Obama Protest Speech At Harvard Circa 1991

Both sides of the political spectrum are trumpeting this vintage video from 1991 that just recently surfaced of a much


Occupy Melbourne Protesters Wear Their Tents To Avoid Arrest

The Occupy protests that originated near Wall Street in New York City back in September continues on, and has turned


Miley Cyrus Liberty Walk Remix Supports Occupy Protests

Miley Cyrus has released a new remix of Liberty Walk in support of all the Occupy protests going on around