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Gay Activist Glitter Bachmann’s Gay ‘Fixing’ Clinic

Michele Bachmann is running for president in 2012 as a Republican. What many people may not know is she and…

Satirical Protester Supports Police Arresting People Who Feed The Homeless

Sometimes our laws just don't make sense, and common sense should be used instead of just blindly following what you…

Flash Mob At Target

For almost a month this video received little to no traffic. Now it has had a sudden surge of attention.…

Student Pro Planned Parenthood Protest

Students hold signs saying, "I have sex," or "I use birth control." They are making a statement of how important…

Wisconsin, Ohio Union Protest Explained

The Republican governors in Ohio and Wisconsin say that the current union protests are about the budget deficit. But the…

TSA Speedo Protest, Student Wears Speedo Through TSA Security

"Why the speedo? With the way TSA screening is going it only seems like the next logical requirement for getting…

Strippers Protest, Picket Church

This small red neck church protested the presences of the strip club next door. Now the girls have had enough…



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