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Girl’s Crash Story Will Make You Never Text And Drive Again

Like so many teenagers these days, Liz admits that she used text on her phone while she was driving. But


Budweiser’s Beer Responsible Commercial Will Make You Smile

Budweiser has hit an instant home run with their new ad for Beer Responsible Day, a day to reflect on responsible serving


Stop The Cycle Obesity Commercial Is A Wake Up Call

Obesity has become a serious killer in America and the developed world. This PSA by Your Nutrition Spot has gone viral over


Love Letter To Food

In today's Western world, we are blessed with the greatest abundance of good, cheap food in human history. But because


Interview For World’s Toughest Job Will Open Your Eyes

Card Store posted a fake job in newspapers and online looking for a Director of Operations, and received countless applications. They held


People With Down Syndrome Heartwarmingly Tell Future Mom Of Diagnosed Baby What To Expect

Down syndrome advocacy group Coor Down posted this video before the weekend in honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21,


‘Unloved’ Dog Adoption PSA Will Make You Want A Dog Right Now

Life is rough. And people are jerks. But a dog? They will offer you unconditional love. That's the message behind


Farting Energy Towers British Anti-Fracking PSA

Back in 2012, alternative British energy company Ecotricity went viral with their hilarious Collapsing Cooling Towers PSA.That video stands with over 2.8


Celebrity Impressionist Offers Academy Awards PSA

Celebrity impressionist Piotr Michael has a PSA for big time celebrities who win an Oscar. Don't waste your speech thanking all


Jackie Chan Stars In Anti-Rhino Horn Harvesting Commercial

World famous martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has teamed up with the African Wildlife Foundation to help raise awareness about rhinoceros poaching.


What Would You Do If You Found A Boy Outside Without A Jacket In The Winter PSA

This powerful PSA by Norwegian charity group SOS Barnebyer has instantly gone viral with over one million views since debuting today. 


The Luge Is A Little Gay Canadian PSA

Much of the world is furious that the Olympics will go on as planned in Russia after the country passed