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Norwegian Association Of The Blind PSA Demonstrates Why Seeing Eye Dogs Are Better Than The Alternatives

For some terrible reason, people in Norway apparently don't take too kindly to seeing-eye dogs for the blind. The Norwegian


Powerful Dutch PSA Explains That Service Dogs Are Also For People With PTSD Who Have Seen Too Much

Dogs are of course the most ubiquitous service animal for the seeing impaired. But this dramatic new dutch PSA by


Adorable ‘Are Your Kids Watching The Right Movies?’ PSA

What happens when your kids watch inappropriate television? As is demonstrated in this adorable PSA by Common Sense Media, they


Learn What Most Schools Don’t Teach, Hour Of Code Commercial

For some horrible reason, our schools don't teach computer science. Students and even adults are left assuming CS is some


Disabled Mannequins PSA Because Who Is Perfect

Mannequins in department stores, of course, portray the perfect body. But what is perfection, and who exactly lives up to the


Businessman Being Bullied At The Office French PSA

Bullying is not just an American phenomenon. It is an issue around the globe.  To demonstrate just how destructive and


Buying Bottled Water Is Like Buying Bottled Air PSA

Finally, after years of marketing, the masses have been conditioned to pay for what was once a completely free item.


Conan’s Red Hot Ginger PSA

A British artist has attempted to 'rebrand' redheads, or gingers, as sexy with a new photo exhibit and video.  Late Night


Powerful “Don’t Leave You Child In The Car In The Summer” PSA

No parent should leave their child in the car for even a minute, but in the summer, the consequences for


News Reporter Offers Safety Tips For Reacting To Bears

Bear encounters are much more common in the summer when bears are looking for food to horde for the winter


Empire’s Anti-May The 4th Holiday PSA

For years, May 4th has been acknowledged as a nerdy Star Wars holiday based on the similarities of 'May of


Social Smoking Compared To Social Farting PSA

Canadian anti-smoking campaign Quit The Denial published this eye-opening PSA under the account Mark atMOH, and already the ten day old video