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Pug Watching TV Hates iPhone Commercials

Thank God for DVRs, right? Remember back when we had to actually sit through commercials? Uch. This dog also hates…

Dog Wearing Wampa Costume

All nerds and Star Wars fans know that the Wampa is a greatly feared ice monster indigenous to the frozen planet of…

Pug Watching Dogs On YouTube Licks And Bites Screen

Cats watching cats on YouTube was a short lived Internet fad, and now it's the dogs turn. Here, a Pug…

Dog Goes Skydiving With Owner

One night while drinking some beers, professional skydiver Will DaSilva and his buddies wondered if a dog could go skydiving.…

Doritos Pug Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

Don't tease your dog with Doritos.  They'll find a way to get you back. I think the girl is YouTuber…

Pug Puppy Playing With Ball Falls In Hole

The little pug pup has fun pushing a volleyball bigger than himself around. The ball gets stuck in a hole…


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