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Speed Hitting: 100 Hits in 1 Second

You really can't see them in normal speed. Incredible! Good thing we happen to have these modern slowmotion cams that…

Cat Punches Baby

This video from 2009 has recently exploded in popularity, and is going viral on WeHateCollege, BunnyFood, and TastefullyOffensive. We've seen a…

Fake Fart Prankster Gets Punched In The Face

Jack Vales is famous for his candid camera pranks. Sometimes he acts dumb, blows bubbles on people, or fake farts…

Gamers Keep Failing At Punching Bag Gam

At a small arcade, a scrawny type kid drops some coins into a Rocky punching bag video game. The point…

Japanese Announcer Screaming When Gaby Sanchez Punches Nyjer Morgan

I love the way Japanese announcers get so into the game. He screams like crazy when Gaby Sanchez punches Nyjer…



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