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Precious pup takes his favorite toy to bed

Precious pup takes his favorite toy to bed

[rumble][/rumble] Whiskey the Rhodesian Ridgeback always makes sure to take her baby to bed with her. Cuteness overload. More

Corgi Puppy Sees Self In Mirror For First Time

Natalie Kaye published this adorable video over a month ago, but it has only exploded online recently. Now, her pet video…

Seal Pups Adorably Climb Onto Floating Surfboard

Waterproof camera specialist and nature enthusiast Ethan Janson mounted his GoPro camera on an old windsurf board, and let it float in…

Diver Finds Sea Lion Pup On His Kayak After He Emerges From Water

Professional diver Rick Coleman was night diving when he found an adorable surprise waiting for him on his kayak when he…



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