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Slow Motion Pekingese Puppy

Slow Motion Pekingese Puppy

[rumble][/rumble] Everyone needs to see a Pekingese running in slow motion.Your welcome. More

Monkey Grooms Puppy Pal

Monkey Grooms Puppy Pal

[rumble][/rumble] Friends of us at a game lodge owns this little monkey. They bought a Bull Terrier puppy from us…

Cute little puppy meets big dog for the first time

Cute little puppy meets big dog for the first time

[rumble][/rumble] Here is little Beau the Labrador-Poodle Cross, meeting his new best friend Hank the Boxer-Lab Cross for the very…

Adorable puppy discovers squeaky

Adorable puppy discovers squeaky ball for the first time

[rumble][/rumble] Check out in this video how adorable puppy discovers squeaky ball for the first time. This is the first…

Bulldog Puppy Really Enjoys Swing at Playground

Bulldog Puppy Enjoys Swing We got another must watch cute video. This time the video is about an adorable bulldog…

Puppy Adorably Stretches Out On Top of Stuffed Animal

Adorable Puppy Looks Like a Stuffed Animal On Top a Stuffed Animal Get ready for a cuteness overload. Here we…

Homeless Pit Bull Gives Birth During Massive Rainstorm

This poor dog gives birth in horrible circumstances, but she's in good hands now. Hopefully her puppies one day realize…

Daddy Husky Meets His Baby Huskies For The First Time

Lots of puppy happiness and dog love in this video, we just can't stop watching.

This isn’t the park – Suspicious Puppy

Wake up – I’m being adorable – Puppy

Puppy Is Happy He Got New Owners And Dances

This is cute! :) Callum Lenton gathered over 400,000 views on YouTube with this clip. "I am sold dance, happy…

A Puppy In An Aliens Power Loader Suit

A neat little idea for a cute little puppy from the people of Tested. But Ripley doesn't seem to like…


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