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The Eureka (Wit’s End) Disentanglement Puzzle

You know the deal. Another interesting puzzle presented by FLEB who got over a quarter million views on this one


Can You Solve The Lotus Box Puzzle?

Over 270,000 people have seen this video by FLEB showing us another interesting puzzle - and the way to solve


Can You Solve The Bitten Biscuits Puzzle?

Okay, it is very possible to solve "The Bitten Biscuits Puzzle" only by seeing it via video, but maybe you


Japanes Man Solves Impossible Puzzle After A Decade Trying

funny Japan translated another highlight of foreign tv history with this bit about an elderly man from Japan who has


How To Solve The Gold Coast Parking Meter Puzzle

Just another interesting puzzle from the collection of FLEB, who I did feature before with the very cool Xbox Puzzle.


The Xbox Puzzle Is An Awesome X-Men Inspired Riddle

YouTube puzzler FLEB presents a cool little gadget to us. The "Xbox" has nothing to do with video games, it


Mind Blowing 3D Puzzles

Regular, old fashion two dimensional puzzles are so boring and dull. Grand Illusions review three brand new 3D puzzles that he found


Giant 22×22 Rubik’s Cube Is A World Record

When the original 3x3 Rubik's Cube hit the market back in the day it was the original 3D puzzle. Soon,


Kid Solves Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 5 Seconds

It seems every couple of months, a new prodigy breaks the record for solving the infamous Rubik's cube. Lucas Cube is the latest


Genius Kid Solves 7×7 Rubik’s Cube In World Record Time

Most of us can't even complete a standard 3x3 Rubik's cube after days of trying. But Feliks Zemdegs isn't your average


Break Dancer Solves Rubik’s Cube While Spinning On His Head

Dutch teenager Justin Stomp is only fourteen years old, but he is already a very talented kid. Not only is


Man Completes World’s Largest 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube

The original Rubik's cube is a simple 3x3x3 cube puzzle. Most people can't even complete the original from the 1970's. There