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X-Cube Is The Rubik’s Cube For The 21st Century

The original Rubik's Cube took the world by storm in the 1980's. But the world has dramatically changed since then.…

Marcell Endrey Breaks Rubik’s Cube Solving World Record While Blindfolded

Rubik's Cube YouTube channel jazzthief81 published this video featuring Marcell Endrey breaking the world record for fastest Rubik's Cube solved while blindfolded. After…

Homemade Puzzle Box

This video posted in 2010 has been steadily grown in popularity, and now has fully exploded and gone viral . Xemnas2421 is very handy,…

Man Breaks Labyrinth Puzzle Speed Record With Two Balls At Once

This video that was posted in June just went viral now with the help from . Most people will recognize…


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