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Johnny Manziel Jumps Over Defender, Completes Pass For Touchdown

Quarterback Johnny Manziel of the Texas A&M Aggies is trending for this impressive play against Duke, which was posted online by


Entire Field ‘Faints’ To Prank Quarterback

Dgjohnson4100 says that during football practice, the senior team sent the new sophomore QB off field to put this prank into


Memphis Quarterback Jacob Karam Performs ‘Price Tag’ On Piano With Girl Battling Cancer At St. Jude

Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam was recently at St. Jude Children's Hospital volunteering, and ended up playing piano with some of


Abe Lincoln Quarterback Trick Shot Video

There have been plenty of trick shot videos in past. For a while, it was a fad to post a


Johnny McEntee Football Trick Shot Compilation

There's been plenty of basketball trick shot viral videos. Here's an amazing football trick shot video starring University of Connecticut


Middle School Walk Through Defense Slowly Touchdown Trick Play

This move seems so good, it belongs in a Disney movie. The quarterback asks calmly for the ball to be


Quarterback Andrew Luck Tackles Shareece Wright Stanford VS USC

The ball is fumbled and Shareece Wright picks it up. He's clobbered by Andrew Luck and the ball is fumbled