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James Corden Battles Adam Lambert To Be The Frontman Of Queen

Of course no one will ever be able to really replace (or even "replace") the stunning voice and mind of

When Played Faster “We Will Rock You” Is A Different Song

Queen did upload a faster version of their song "We Will Rock You" (recorder in 1977), that sounds a lot...


Singer Performs Epic Cover Of ‘Somebody To Love’ On America’s Got Talent

Covering a Queen song in a talent show is a dangerous move. All of Freddie Mercury's hit songs are masterpieces, so


Windshield Wipers ‘Play’ We Will Rock You

Ice is the last thing on motorists minds now that summer is just around the corner. But only now has


Little Girl Covers Bohemian Rhapsody In The Car To The Best Of Her Abilities

Stephy OD was sifting through old files on her phone when she discovered this adorable gem. A while back while driving


Three Girls Put On Epic Bohemian Rhapsody Performance In The Car

Who hasn't sung along with Queen's timeless rock song Bohemian Rhapsody while with friends in the car? It's a coming of


Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, And Celebrity Music Superstars Sing We Are The Champions

After an exciting game, the New England Patriots no doubt sang We Are The Champions at least once during their after


Best Queen Songs In One Minute

Chad Neidt is known as the one minute mash up artist on YouTube. After taking a hiatus, he has finally returned


Principal Performs Epic Bohemian Rhapsody Closed School Message

How many time has school been closed this winter? According to parents, way too many times.  The principal at Stephens


One Picture A Day For Three Years To Create Lip Sync Stop Motion Queen Music Video

There have been countless artists who have gone viral taking a photo of themselves over years time and compiling the


Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody Spoof Music Video

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen may be one of the most popular songs to parody and spoof online.  Even though the trend


A Capella Science Performs ‘Bohemian Gravity’ Queen Parody

The popular rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody has been spoofed, parodied, and covered in nearly every possible way.  Or has it? New YouTube