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21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



Angry Broom Guy Evicts Raccoon Family

Raccoons may have a reputation for tearing through your trash and being a menace, but they are not to be underestimated.


Rescuing A Raccoon From Drowning

While celebrating the Fourth of July in the early morning, one of the crew members of DeltaBlues3 heard a quiet yelping sound. After


Raccoon Steals Donut

The Internet already knows too well that stealing is a trick the raccoon is capable of. Remember that video of a


Smart Raccoon Knocks At The Door For Food

Zoosie is a big animal lover. Besides for her dogs and cats, she also helps the local raccoon. She knows that


Raccoon Goes Swimming, The Other Tries To Pull Him Out

So apparently, raccoon paws are pretty close to hands. In this precious viral video captured by Vicki Coppen, two raccoons go for


Pet Raccoon Loves Washing Stuff In Bucket

By now, most people online know that things are just a little bit different in Mother Russia. So the fact that


Mother Raccoon Teaches Baby How To Climb A Tree

It's not just human moms who teach their young the important parts of life. Moms of all species teach their


Drunk Raccoon Found In Beer Warehouse

This video by Phillipp Scott doesn't have much of a back story or explanation, but that doesn't matter to viewers. What does


Raccoon Loves Popping Bubble Wrap As Much As We Do

Ahh, the joys of popping bubble wrap. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who love to pop the plastic air


Raccoon Eating Grapes Will Inspire You To Eat More Fresh Fruit

Russian YouTuber Gregz Animationz posted this adorable animal video in the summer, but the clip has only gone viral now! The


Owner Gets Lazy Dog Out Of Bed With Raccoon Call

Most people don't realize it, but dogs can be lazy in the morning just like us. Just ask dedicated dog


Raccoon Steals Cat Food

Rigo Gonzalez published this humorous animal video back in November, but it is trending now more than ever.  While the cats



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