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Race Car Driver Danica Patrick Drives For Lyft

After the success of their last celebrity undercover video, Lyft has again enlisted the help of a famous face to drive for their smartphone


Female Race Car Driver Pranks Car Shoppers With Intense Test Drive

Mitsubishi wanted to spread the word about their new sporty pickup truck, so they hired Malaysian race car driver Leona Chin


Race Car Driver Austin Dillon Walks Away From Fiery Car Crash

Most of the excitement at a NASCAR race is sadly when there is an accident. Towards the end of the Coke Zero 400


Driver Breaks World Record For Fastest Mile Driven In A Car On Two Wheels

Driving a car on two wheels on its side at any speed is a difficult and dangerous trick only professionals


Female Professional Race Car Driver Pranks Driving Instructors As Nerdy Girl

The Pranksters of were approached by a driving school who wanted to prank their new instructors on their first day on


Ken Block’s Gymkhana Part 7

Race car driver Ken Block has become a viral video regular with his Gymkhana race car tricks series. The last


Story Of Longest Car Jump Ever

French race car driver Guerlain Chicherit wanted to do something drastic for his latest stunt, so he teamed up with GoPro to attempt


Matt Powers Pulls Off Mid Drift 360

Race car driver Matt Powers is trending after pulling off a rare racing drift. While rushing down the down hill section of Horse


Ken Block Plays Soccer With Neymar

Famous rally race car driver Ken Block teamed up with gas and oil company Castrol to put on an epic, never


Transforming Formula One

It's a new technological world, and even Formula One is getting with the program.  Infiniti Red Bull Racing appointed racers Daniel Ricciardo and


Jeff Gordon As Taxi Driver Pranks Journalist Passenger By Running From Police

Remember the viralviral video of Jeff Gordon allegedly pranking a car salesman by taking a Camaro on a seriously fast


‘Castello Cavalcanti’ Short Film Starring Jason Schwartzman

Director and screenwriter Wes Anderson is trending online after debuting this short film created special for PRADA.  The near-eight minute