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Sprinter Celebrates Right Before The Finish Line And Loses Race

It doesn't matter how many times this has happened in the past, it seems there will always be young athletes


Remote Control Toys Battle

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have covered trick shots for nearly every sport imaginable. But the creative crew is always thinking of


Driver Breaks World Record For Fastest Mile Driven In A Car On Two Wheels

Driving a car on two wheels on its side at any speed is a difficult and dangerous trick only professionals


Female Professional Race Car Driver Pranks Driving Instructors As Nerdy Girl

The Pranksters of were approached by a driving school who wanted to prank their new instructors on their first day on


Nick Offerman Stars In Super American NASCAR Commercial

Is there any sport more patriotic than NASCAR racing? What could be better than watching powerful race cars speed around


Passengers React To Tesla P85D ‘Insane Mode’ Launching Speeds

There are countless extremely expensive super sports cars from around the world that are famous for their incredible speed. But


Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana Spoof Part Two

Most car and racing enthusiasts are familiar with Ken Block's Gymkhana racing series. Ken is a master driver who performs epic,


Rocket Powered Bicycle Breaks Speed Record

French speeder François Gissy now has claim to the world record title of the fastest cyclist. He hit over 200


Burning Rubber Under Infrared Camera

As a partner of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, FLIR Thermography had the chance to captur some amazing footage at the race track. Using their


Fake Street Racing Prank

YouTube pranksters Roman Atwood and Vitaly borrowed some sweet sports cars, but had no track to go fast. So they did the


BMW Rally Car Gets Serious Air During Race

While racing at the Kehala Motorsports Complex in Estonia, rally racers Priit Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna got some serious air in


Matt Powers Pulls Off Mid Drift 360

Race car driver Matt Powers is trending after pulling off a rare racing drift. While rushing down the down hill section of Horse