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Fast & Furious Car Chase Remade With Remote Control Cars

At first glance, this realistic car chase may look like it came directly out of one of the Fast & Furious


Honda Unveils World’s Fastest Lawnmower

Honda makes many different types of engines and machines. But they are also well known for their racing technology. So it's


Gamer Performs Flawless Race Playing Initial D Arcade

You could say Josh is a master video game driver. In this video posted by his sister Jodice, he plays one of the


Jeff Gordon As Taxi Driver Pranks Journalist Passenger By Running From Police

Remember the viralviral video of Jeff Gordon allegedly pranking a car salesman by taking a Camaro on a seriously fast


Ken Block Gymkhana 6 With Remote Control Cars

In November, racer Ken Block debuted the sixth installment of his popular Gymkhana racing series, which stands with over 15 million views. 


Head To Head Straight Run Dirt Bike Race At Red Bull Straight Rhythm

The Red Bull Straight Rhythm race event was just held last week. The new innovative race is a one of a


‘Ken Box’ Racing Crazy Cart In Warehouse Gymhana Parody

While a while ago, the new drift-able Crazy Cart mini electric race car by Razor went viral online.  Now, the scooter company


Girl Has Unexpected Reaction To Autocross Run

Kara took a ride with Ethan Shepherd at the San Diego SCCA Autocross. Her reaction on the intense roller coaster was not


Dirt Biker Steals First By Riding On The Wall

Dirt biker Michal Marosi has gone viral after riding on the wall during this year's Four Cross dirt bike race. After


Extreme Power Wheels Racing Through The Woods

Busted Knuckle Video published this video at the end of 2012, but it has just experienced a second viral surge of


Daytona 500 Up Close

The Daytona 500 took place two months ago, but this video from the first lap has only gone viral now,


Disguised Jeff Gordon Test Drives In A Camaro Pranking The Car Salesman

Pepsi and NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon teamed up to pull a fast one on a local car salesman.  Under hidden camera, Chevy