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Tricycle Racing Down A Mountain

Tricycles aren't just for kids anymore. Just check out these dare devils who ride down the steep mountain roads of


XGames Womens Dirt Bike Race FAIL

You usually expect professionals competing at the XGames. But that's not what we see at the Womens Moto X Endura XGames


Dirt Bike Racer Flies From Bike Midair

Chad Reed had a horrible accident during the opening lap of the second 450 Class moto at the Lucas Oil


Race Car Engine Played On Electric Guitar

Thought released last December, this video only recently exploded with views. mustruendor makes the engine sound for his favorite race car


Mortorcycle Keeps Going After Rider Falls Off

There's a crash, people and debris fly everywhere. But out of the chaos, one of the bikes emerges, still rolling


Real Life Super Mario Kart Race

FreddieW made a real life Mario Kart race. The go karters use the legendary red shells, star invincibility, and mushroom


Epic Car Burnout Leaves Flaming Tire Tracks

Damn! That reminds me of Back To The Future. A classic muscle car makes serious smoke, then pulls out, leaving


Need For Speed Homemade Wooden Steering Wheel

Now this is hacking and innovation at its best. A serious gamer made a steering wheel for Need For Speed


Homemade Race Car Simulator Virtual Reality Video Game

This maybe the coolest homemade simulator hack I've ever seen. They should patent and start selling these, because they would


Korean Grand Prix Circuit – F1 Race Car Point Of View

This is a video of the first laps in Red Bull Racing F1 Car at the Korean Grand Prix Circuit.


Shoya Tomizawa Japanese Race Biker Dies 9/5/10

Race biker Shoya Tomizawa died after a fatal crash in Misano, Italy. He was only 19 years old and won


Kurt Busch and Elliot Sadler Huge Crash At Same Time At Nascar Sprint Cup 2010 Pocono

At the Nascar, the whole suspension and engine are shot out of the car of Elliot Sadler. Elliot is in