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Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman Toy Shop Prank

Besides walking over a bed of Legos (voice) actor Will Arnett also is keen on being part of entertaining pranks.


Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other

Strong language ahead - what surprise... On Scott Mills’ radio show on BBC Radio 1 Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt


Dana Carvey Does 17 Spot-On Celebrity Impressions

Maybe you have seen the mini impressions performed by Dana Carvey for The Vanity earlier this year? Recently he did

Car Chase Timed Perfectly with Beastie Boys Sabotage Playing on the Radio.

Okay, this one is a little older, but got around again in the last days. Pretty dope timing! via: reddit


Asking A Stranger For A Job Reference Prank

For a fun gag, Australian radio show hosts Hamish & Andy called a complete stranger and asked him if they could use


Radio Host Pranks Co-Host Pretending To Cuss On Air

Around the world, it's common knowledge that you can't just say anything on the radio. That got radio host Alex Duffy


Wiz Khalifa Covers Adele’s Hello

Nearly every musician has covered Adele's latest soulful hit single Hello. But what about a hip hop cover? While visiting Power


Adorable Baby Loves The Car Radio Loud

These days, kids are growing up with technology all around them. It's no surprise many kids are learning how to use


Radio Station Gives Deserving Couple $80,000 Wedding With Ed Sheeran

Matt and Kya have been going through some pretty hard times. Sydney radio station KIIS 1065 wanted to help the deserving


Radio Station Helps Grieving Mom By Paying Her Bills

Mother Michelle went through the one thing every parent has nightmares about. Sadly, she lost her son Blaine who was nineteen years


Radio Hosts Confront Rihanna Over Stolen Song Lyrics

The last time pop star Rihanna visited Australian radio DJ's Hamish & Andy, the two joked with her that she


Listening To The Radio After A Breakup Is The Worst

After a hard breakup, there's nothing like going for a long car drive to clear the mind. Except definitely don't