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Self Riding Bike Prank

Magician Rahat teamed up with ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas for December to act as a Pop Up Santa. Using an awesome


Severed Hand Prank

Magician Rahat lives for Halloween. For this year, Rahat collaborated with MorphCostumes to create the severe hand illusion. By slipping your hand


Drive-Thru Counterfeit Money Prank

Magician Rahat has a new magic trick where he somehow superimposes a picture of somebody on a one dollar bill. So


Framed For Kidnapping Prank

When you're good friends with a YouTube prankster you best be on guard. Prankster and magician Rahat took advantage of one of his


Monkey Driver At The Drive-Thru Prank

Magician Rahat loves pranking fast food drive-thrus. This time, he teamed up with monkey trainer Brian of Animal Bytes TV to prank the


Invisible Driver Prank In Europe

Magician Rahat has pulled off his invisible driver prank many times in the States. Now, with the help of Toyota, he


Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless

Viewers will remember when Magician Rahat changed the life of a homeless man by giving him money and his own house.


You Will Smile Watching YouTube Magician Give A Homeless Man His Own Home

Back in March, magician Rahat went viral with his touching video where he gave a homeless man a fake winning lottery


What Happens After Magician Gives Homeless Man Winning Lottery Ticket Will Make You Cry

YouTube magician Rahat makes a living by pulling gags and pranking people, and decided it was finally time to do a


Yelling Employee’s Name At The Drive Thru Prank

Magician Rahat has again pulled off a doozy of a prank at the drive-thru.  He teamed up with his friend Trey


Walking On Water Prank

Magician Rahat shocked strollers at the park by walking on water. He pretended to mindlessly text and 'accidentally' walk into the


Coffee To Coins Magic Trick For The Homeless

For his latest project, Magician Rahat took a page out of David Blaine's book of magic.  He approached homeless and needy people