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Flash Flooding in Fire Ravaged California

Flash Flood in California California has suffered many natural disasters in the last few years, these have mostly taken on

Dog Tries To Eat RainDrops Out Of Car Window

Who's a good boy? A dog who catches EVERY rain drop! Jessica Laing filmed a doberman pinscher dog trying to


Keeping People Dry With Giant Umbrella

Finally, here's a prank that is sure to make you smile. While filming another video, it started raining on Luke Donohue and his


Toddler’s Reaction To First Summer Rain Is Pure Magic

Everything is exciting and novel for a baby. The world is truly a magical place. Don Swift's precious little baby Harper


Art That Only Shows Up When It Rains

I Create Novelty is dedicated to making the world a more interesting, happy place. For a fun art project, he and a


Toddler Playing In The Rain For First Time Is The Epitome Of Pure Joy

Life is all about first experiences. The problem is, we experience so much as a child that we quickly forget. 


Passersby Slide Down Path During Utah Winter Freezing Rain

Apparently, the winter in Utah has been pretty dull this year. But according to lane182videos, "Utah winter finally redeemed itself