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Michael Jackson VS Elvis Presley Rap Battle

Bentley Green, as a young Michael Jackson, and Nice Peter, as an older MJ, take on EpicLLOYD, who plays Elvis Presley, in…

Mario Bros vs Wright Bros Epic Rap Battles of History

The Super Mario Brothers and the Wright Brothers maybe the two most famous pair of brothers, but which pair is…

Mr. T VS Mr. Rogers Rap Battle

Of all the celebrities I can think of, Mr. T and Mr. Rogers are the most polar opposite. But a…

Stephen Hawking VS Albert Einstein Rap Battle

Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are both legendary scientists. They both will go down in history forever. But which is…

British Police Freestyle Raps At Rap Battle

A group of party people are having a rap battle in the streets. The police come to check things out.…



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