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Rat Saves Her Child From Snake

Snake slithers away after rat goes mental on him.


Rats Run Up A Hole In A Kitchen Ceiling

This video is the nightmare of every food inspector and germophobe who is afraid of what is hiding in the


NYC Subway Rat Pulls Dead Rat Down Stairs

Remember Pizza Rat? The rat in the New York City subway that was captured on camera carrying a huge slice


Remote Control Pizza Rat In New York Prank

Remember the Subway rat who went viral after attempting to carry a slice of pizza away to its burrow? That


Rat And Pigeon Battle It Out In Brooklyn, New York

Everything is just so congested in New York City, it's hard to go through the day without getting into a


Rat Tries To Carry Slice Of Pizza Downstairs In NYC Subway

When one thinks of New York City, two things usually come to mind. Delicious New York City pizza, and disgusting and


You Will Be Creeped Out How Easy It Is For A Rat To Wriggle Up Your Toilet

An animals climbing up through the toilet is a fear most of us can understand. Can you imagine sitting on


Pet Rat Tricks Might Surprise You

When most people hear the word 'rat' only negative images come to mind. Vermin. Diseased. Gross. But Abby Roeser wants people to


Rat Really Hates Broccoli

Most rodents naturally love fresh fruits and vegetables, it doesn't matter what kind. But Dexter the rat has very picky


New Yorkers Stand On The Seats In Fear When A Rat Is Discovered In Subway Train

New Yorkers are known as strong, resilient people. But throw a fat rat on a subway train traveling through Brooklyn


Rat Stuck Going Down The Up Escalator Is A Metaphor Of Life

Life is one big rat race. Sometimes, it feels like we're all walking down an ascending escalator. Just as the


Pet Rat Drinks From Tiny Cup

Minneapolis writer, comedian, and avid rat lover Moore Stuff has taught his pet rat an adorable trick.  How to drink from