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Flashing Street Lights Make The Highway A Rave

ChangDashCam was driving down the highway when they noticed the streets lights were malfunctioning. They were all flashing off and on.


Excited Puppy Rave

Remember the adorable short video of a super excited puppy who performed a happy dance when his owner came home? Pastanauts took that


Biker Accidentally Discovers Secret Rave Party

Bicyclists Tim Fry and his buddy Rich simply wanted to go for a nice relaxing bike ride through nature. Instead, they stumbled


Maurice Raving

YouTuber Bqtamash cut this short clip from Gaston's Ultimate Mission to Obtain Some Taco Bell, and reposted it over a year ago,


Toothpaste Man Dancing At Ultra Music Festival

A music festival isn't a proper rave unless you see things that would otherwise cause you to doubt your sanity. Eli


Elderly Man Plays Spoons To Insomnia By Faithless

Music truly transcends age. Young or old, if the tunes are good, people will groove.  Pinny Grylls found how true this sentiment is


Extremely Enthusiastic Rave Dancer

Sometimes you just gotta dance. This raver dances harder, stronger, and longer than everyone around him. They are mostly chilling.


Fred The Raver – Baby In Car Seat Raves, Dances To Techno Rave Music

Fred the raver, doesn't like any of the music at first. He sits bored and uninterested. Once the power pumped