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Prankster Pretends To Be Arrested In Front Of Mom

Prankst Vitalyz is famous online for his outrageous pranks. After pranking countless strangers and friends he has pranked the one person left. His mom.…

Drone Captures Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Damage On 4-27-2014

A powerful and terrifying tornado struck Mayflower, Arkansas on Sunday. After the storm passed, Brian Emfinger grabbed his camera-equipped drone and took…

Man Eats Piece Of Dry Ice

There are a lot of YouTube challenges out there. Let's hope this one doesn't become a trend, because it is…

Robert Gill Runs 25 MPH On Treadmill

Arizona Cardinals rookie Robert Gill has gone viral for performing the seemingly impossible. Running at 25 MPH on a treadmill.…

Driver Records Tsunami Hitting His Car

Footage from the devastation in Japan is still coming out. A Japanese driver was recording on his dash cam when…


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