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Funny – Southerners reaction to snow

Elders React To Challenges

For a long time now, 'challenge videos' have been an on going trend online. From cinnamon challenges, to chugging milk, viewers just…

Harlem Reacts to ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

By now, most of the Internet is already sick of the Harlem Shake dance craze meme. But shockingly, there are people…


Reaction to love letters before the wedding

Four Year Old’s Dramatic Reaction To When Darth Vader Reveals He Is Luke’s Father In Empire Strikes Back

The moment when Darth Vader tells Luke, "I am your father," cinema history was marked forever. It was such an…

Twilight Fans Reacting To Breaking Dawn Trailer Compilation

The official trailer for the last installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, was just released at the MTV Music Awards. Fans…

Tornado Survivor Reacts To Devastation In Brimfield Massachusetts

These two citizens of Massachusetts were lucky enough to survive the tornadoes that struck earlier this week. After the twister…



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