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Real Housewives Of ISIS

BBC 2 started a new series called Revolting. From it's first episode we get to see this entertaining parody of…

River Monsters Crew Saves Lost Fisherman

While recording in Australia for the show River Monsters, the Animal Planet crew made an incredible discovery near the beach. A stranded…

Long Island Landscapers Trailer

As a part of their #TVGoneWrong campaign, PBS channel THIRTEEN has debuted this trailer for the new faux-reality TV show Long Island Landscapers. …

Nerd Proves Jersey Shore Is Fake

Everyone with half a brain already knows that reality TV is fake, they just watch it for fun. But it's…

Ton Of Cash Contestant Kicked Off Show Gives Speech, Then Freaks Out

Usually when contestants on reality shows are kicked off the show, they walk away, say goodbye, and leave on a…



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