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‘Saturday’ By Rebecca Black And Dave Days Is The Sequel To ‘Friday’ No One Asked For

She's back! The Internet always knew this day would eventually come. Friday famous Rebecca Black teamed up with YouTube musician Dave Days to


Rebecca Black Watches And Reacts To ‘Friday’ Years Later

Time sure does fly when you're having fun on the Internet. It may feel like just yesterday we all had


How To Make A Viral Video ‘All Star’ By Smash Mouth Parody

Pop punk favorite Dave Days stars in this How to Make a Viral Video music video which parodies the Smash Mouth one-hit-wonder All Star. The


Rebecca Black Covers We Can’t Stop By Miley Cyrus

Remember Rebecca Black? The one hit wonder YouTube star has since slipped into the darkness after her viral Friday music video finally


In Your Words Rebecca Black Music Video

Rebecca Black is of course the infamous singer of one of the most viralviral videos in Internet history, Friday. Now, the teen


Kohl’s Black Friday Commercial Spoofs Friday By Rebecca Black

Yes, Rebecca Black was huge! Even enormous! But Internet time is not like reality time. Rebecca Black went viral like


Rebecca Black – Person Of Interest Music Video

Here is Rebecca Black's newest 'music' video. We only post this because it is viral. We have no further comments


Girl In Pink From Rebecca Black Friday Video Releases Her Own Song – Can You See Me Now

With the dark magic of auto-tune, literally anyone can 'sing'. Just look at Rebecca Black, who became a world wide


Horrible Sorority Recruitment Music Video Covers Look At Me Now, Friday

University of Alabama sorority girls 'star' in this terribly bad spoof of Lil Wayne's Look At Me Now, and Rebecca


Rebecca Black On America’s Got Talent 2011

It's kind of ironic that Rebecca Black, who does not have talent, was on America's Got Talent last night. She


Katy Perry Invites Rebecca Black To Sing On Stage With Her

For some reason, Katy Perry really likes the Rebecca Black. You know, the girl with hundreds of millions of hits


Singing Girl Swag Is Next Rebecca Black

Every couple of weeks another even younger girl convinces her parents to buy her a music video from Ark Music