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Little Girl’s Cute Cooking Confusion

I can totally relate to this little girl's problem with the terminology of the word "cup" when it comes to


Epic Super Mario Question Block Cake

This cake by Rosanna Pansino looks terrific! She even has Coins in the block, so they fall out when you


How To Make An 18th Century Breakfast

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. not only has one of the most remarkable names for a channel on YouTube, he


18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Will Get You Drooling

Fried chicken is so American, that many people around the world instantly conjure up images of The Colonel when they read


Eating Weird Dishes From The 1950’s

It's easy to assume that Americans have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Sloppy Joe's for years now.


How To Make Lego Gummy Candy

Now that school is ending, parents will be scrambling to keep their kids occupied with fun activities. Grant Thompson shows viewers a great


Homemade Fruit Roll Ups Are Easy, Healthy, And Delicious

It's hard to find a kid who doesn't love fruit roll ups and other fruity, chewy snacks. But most parents


Hamburger With Mac And Cheese Bun Is Heaven

Sure it's a million calories, but who cares? Apparently a mad scientist chef at in Torrance, California has invented a new hamburger


The Most Depressing Chili Cheese Video Recipe Ever

Steven Reed, the host of Weber Cooks, maybe the saddest 'cooking show' host ever. He has just gone viral with his


Brewing Beer At The White House

You may have been hearing about a new classified leak from the Obama administration. The people heard Obama was holding


Chef Makes ‘Chick-Fil-Gay’ Sandwich To Protest Anti-Gay Stance Of The Chain

Chick-Fil-A is famous in the fast food world for two main reasons that are strongly related. The first is that


McDonald’s Executive Chef Shows How To Make Homemade Big Mac, Including The Special Sauce

McDonald's Canada just had a viral marketing video pleasing viewers and fans by being more open about their advertising practices.