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‘Mad Feet’ Is A Mad Max/Happy Feet Mashup

This recut by Nico Bellamy works pretty well. "A recut trailer featuring George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road and Happy


Movie Elf Recut As A Thriller

The Christmas days are over - so why not turn classic Christmas flicks into totally different versions? CineFix turned "Elf"


Mrs. Doubtfire Trailer Recut As Horror Film

's one year old horror movie adaptation trailer for Mrs. Doubtfire has only gone viral now this week. Instead of the


The Office Recut As A Drama About Dangerous Toby

This video from January has had a recent surge in popularity. Throughout the story of The Office, Michael Scott has


Seinfeld Recut As Broke Back Mountain Parody

Even though it's been over a decade, Seinfeld lives on in newly created trailer spoofs made from the show's original


Seinfeld Trailer Re-Cut As A Drama About George

Seinfeld has been over for over a decade now, but people are still in love with the show. A popular


80’s Recut Of The Office Intro

Sitcoms in the 80's all had the same formula, cheesy laughter, horrible special effects, and standard upbeat piano music. If


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Serious Trailer Recut

Ferris Bueller's Day is a goofy cult classic. JosephsBrett wanted to make a more Indy style trailer and give it a


Kramerica Seinfeld Trailer Recut

Kramer had so many wacky, crazy inventions and ideas, it's no wonder YouTuber editor, TRMUS1C , cut up a faux Seinfeld trailer, Kramerica.


Jerry The Great – Seinfeld Recut Trailer

All those years of laughing at Seinfeld, we really we witnessing a man trying to take over the world! I


How To Do Things Fast Compilation

We're in a rush, and have places to go and people to see. To speed up your life, watch this


Sarah Palin Breathing

An editor took Palin's Arizona tragedy speech and cut out just Sarah breathing. It's weird, and funny. Oh you Internet,