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Redditor Built Robot That Talks In GIF Images

This might be the best invention of the year already! Peeqo is a little robot with an AI (just like…

Bill Gates Is Best Friends With Reddit

Just yesterday, world famous billionaire, philanthropist, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates held an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, thread on…

What Is Reddit?

In case your still stuck on MySpace, popular YouTube educator and animator CGPGrey has stepped forward to bring reddit closer to the…

Gerard Butler Thanks Reddit

Last week, Gerry Butler posted an 'Ask Me Almost Anything' thread, or AMAA, on Reddit to promote his new movie Olympus Has Fallen.…

Reddit Helps Boy With Cancer Get Early Edition Of War That Came Early

Redditor kivakid approached the community with a question. His friend has terminal cancer and his doctors weren't sure if he would make…

April Fools Pointless Wallet Video

To prank the Internet on April Fools, people on sites like Reddit are giving immense traffic to this bizarre, boring, and…



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