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High School Kicker Accidentally Hits Referee’s Head And Scores Field Goal

This just might be the rarest field goal score ever. A Midland Lee high school football kicker in Texas seemingly accidentally


Hockey Referee Helmet Cam

During the Charlotte Checkers vs Rockford Icehogs hockey game on Dec. 7, referee David Banfield wore a GoPro helmet camera to give


NBA Is Rigged For The Lakers To Make The Playoffs Conspiracy

For years, fans have been speculating that professional sports have always been, and still are, rigged. But recently, it seems the


Refs Make No Calls On High School Basketball Player’s Obvious Multiple Flagrant Fouls

A small town high school basketball game on Dec. 22 has recently become the point of controversy from a new viral video. Wazzumichael recorded


Quarterback Gives Ref High Five After Scoring Two Point Conversion

In the fourth quarter, BYU Quarterback, Riley Nelson, completed a two point conversion against Texas Christian U, and was so


Hockey Ref Crashes Into Goal Post

After a penalty is called a ref hurries over to the scene. Not only is it embarrassing to rush to