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Ugly Dates Only

How is there no one pretty in around me?!

Romance Is Dead

Food is always a girl's number one priority.

Hilarious Ex-Girlfriend

Oh, those good old times. LOL.

My Favorite Present

It's going to be the last birthday we celebrate together, so...

The Girl Who’s Super Low-Maintenance

Low-maintenance girl, sounds cool right? But she can be TOO low-maintenance. [embed][/embed]

Ignoring Level 9000

I'll read my texts when I want.

Tinder Couple Finally Gets Acquainted After 3 Years

They're pretty cute together right? [embed][/embed]

Babe Babe

I'm so emotional right now babe.

Fuckboy 101

Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Delete The Toxic People

You'll be happier than ever before.

I’m Not The Jealous Type

I just wanna know what he's up to.

Tattoo This Babe

Please tick the 'Yes' box though...


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