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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Homemade Shot for Shot

CineFix again remade a blockbuster trailer with homemade stuff. This time the "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequal got it's low


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Animated With Mario Paint

Mike Matei aka Cinemassacre did spend over six months playing with the classic "Mario Paint" to create his own version


Modern Trailer Of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

It's extremely interesting how the trends in Hollywood change and evolve over the years. It seems every ten years or


Jurassic World Trailer Remade With A Super Low Budget

These days, films are more expensive than ever. That got Matthew Potter and his buddies thinking. After watching this summer's hottest movie,


The Empire Strikes Back Fan Remake Shot-For-Shot

The Star Wars fan community is extremely dedicated. In 2013, Star Wars prompted their fans for to recreate their favorite scenes from


The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Recreated In Lego

At some point in the past decade, Lego started remaking everything. Be it Star Wars, video games, or even Lord


Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer LEGO Remake

The excitement surrounding RockStar Games' new upcoming installment of their highly popular Grand Theft Auto video game series continues to grow. 


Super Modern Mario Bros.

World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game level of all time. Even non-gamers recognize


Greatest Euro Soccer Moments Remade With Lego

In honor of  this year's UEFA European Football Championship games, commonly referred to as Euro2012, GLove39 remade a slew of classic greatest Euro football


Kids Remake Beastie Boys Sabotage Music Video

Adam "MCA" Yauch, one of the essential legs of the Beastie Boys stool, passed away on the fourth, and the Internet


Disney’s Recess Cartoon Intro In Real Life Remake

Sheridan College Media Arts students recreated the introduction to the late 90's classic Disney cartoon show, Recess. Somehow, the lighting and


Cute Couple Recreates Full House Intro While On Vacation In San Francisco

The adorable Kaplans went on vacation in San Francisco, and being kids who grew up in the 90's, just had