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Remote Control Car Tricks

As with everything else, remote control car technology has tremendously improved over the past few years. Dude Perfect shows off just how much


Little Girl Drives Full Size Truck With Remote Control Through Obstacle Course

Volvo is famous for their strong and durable semi-trucks around the world. But Volvo Trucks isn't satisfied with the status-quo, so


Remote Control Pizza Rat In New York Prank

Remember the Subway rat who went viral after attempting to carry a slice of pizza away to its burrow? That


Remote Control Toys Battle

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have covered trick shots for nearly every sport imaginable. But the creative crew is always thinking of


Bulldog Loves Chasing Remote Control Car

Dogs famously love to chase cars. But English Bulldog Thunder likes to chase a certain type of car. His owner's remote


Mini-Drones Battle Remote Control Cars Action Scene

Special effects studio Corridor Digital teamed up with drone company Parrot to put together this heart racing action scene. While going for a drive through


Tortoise Chases Toy Truck

This tortoise is surprisingly lithe. The little shelled reptile loves to chase this blue remote control truck. And the Internet is


Fast & Furious Car Chase Remade With Remote Control Cars

At first glance, this realistic car chase may look like it came directly out of one of the Fast & Furious


Subaru WRX STI Races Stick Bomb

A stick bomb is an elaborate woven set of wooden sticks under tension. When the the first stick is sprung,


How To Build A Remote Control Shoe

For his latest DIY project, the Household Hacker illustrates how to build a remote control shoe. After modifying an old shoe


Ken Block Gymkhana 6 With Remote Control Cars

In November, racer Ken Block debuted the sixth installment of his popular Gymkhana racing series, which stands with over 15 million views. 


Camera Buggy Meets Lions

Lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) are glorious creatures, but getting an up close picture of them is obviously not